Brass Buddha Head Meditating State for Home & Office


  • Material: Brass
  • Dimensions: 11 x 9 x 16 cm; 1.4 Kilograms
  • Invite tranquility, peace and harmony into your home with this serene Buddha Head Statue. One of the most loved artifacts representing Buddha
  • Care: Don’t use harsh chemicals, wipe gently with cloth
  • Very durable piece of art. Perfect gift option for friends, family or relatives. Also Perfect gift for Diwali, House Warming, Festive Occasions, Birthday, Anniversary, Office Inauguration, new venture etc


Enhance your home and living room by this graceful brand new vintage reproduction of Buddha Head Figurine. The word Buddha means “awakened one” or the “enlightened one”. This Buddha idol is a symbol of peace and harmony. Buddha” is also used as a title for the first awakened being in an era. In most Buddhist traditions, Siddhartha Gautama is regarded as the Supreme Buddha of our age. Buddha attracts all positive aspects such as blessing, wealth, success, career, good health and children. Buddha is a symbol of contentment and happiness. Buddha is the skillful doctor who heals the great disease afflicting all sentient beings. By providing the Dharma as a profound antidote to the poisons of attachment, hatred and ignorance, he lifts the veil of delusion and points the way to freedom. Through Buddha’s boundless compassion and generosity, he helps sincere seekers overcome physical illness and infirmity. This is the perfect gift for anyone that likes New Age, Metaphysical or Buddha. This brass Buddha head statue is sculptured beautifully with intricate details handmade work at the bottom. This Buddha head is extremely lightweight and durable. Finely carved details on all sides of this Buddha Statue. Have Buddha watch over your home or business. Buddha can watch over your daily affairs and help you find fortune and tranquility in your daily life. In the modern world everyone needs to take a break and restore their inner balance from time to time. Let this Buddha serve as your guide to inner peace.

Legal Disclaimer: This product is for decorative purposes only. Any secondary/alternative use will be at the risk of the user. A slight difference in the product photo and actual product may be there due to lighting effects.

Safety Information: Do not clean it with harsh chemicals. Use a damp cloth to clean.


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